Things Needed in Freelancing

In the state of our world today, almost all of the people are going to their traditional jobs. While this might seem to make ends meet for most families, not everyone is willing to put all of their hours to working. And as we all know, commuting here in our country is a bane especially during rush hours of weekdays. Stressful as it may seem, everything is not hopeless as one can do freelance works.

Freelancing is a good choice if you already hate the 9 to 5 routine. But I’m telling you, it’s not easy! You need lots of discipline, focus, and of course a decent internet connection. Why these stuff you may ask?

1. Discipline

Compared to your regular 9 – 5 job, freelancing does not usually require to you be on a specific time. This will bring great joy to office people since they are not anymore required to get up early, travel to work, face the horrendous and scary unsafe roads. But, this will require you to create your own schedule of working. You must be honest to yourself and stick to your schedule no matter what since if you don’t serve your client’s needs then most likely they will get someone else to do the work.

2. Focus

Why focus? In the office, you are with your officemates. Everyone is doing work. Everyone is doing something. It is good definitely because it helps you to be in the “zone” of productivity. But unfortunately this is not the case in freelancing. You are inside the comforts of you own home, so many distractions are present and this will be a burden to you if you are that kind of person who is easily distracted to external stuff. Usually the cure to this is to put on your headphones and play your favorite music. Studies show that music helps you to be in the “zone” and be more concentrated in whatever you are doing. You gotta focus focus and focus!

3. Decent Internet

You gotta have a decent internet connection to make all of these happen of course. Clients will need you anytime and they need attention. You make do skype meetings and you internet connection should not fail. If ever you are not confident enough to your internet at home then at least you can get a second internet line for back up purposes. This will be a bit a little more of an expense but it is needed really in this kind of setting.

4. Good PC/Mac/Laptop

Definitely you also need a good computer. Sometimes you will be tasked to create designs and you cannot do that on a sloppy machine or else it will take you forever just to create those images. Or if you are in web development you will most likely be using your browsing with more than 50 tabs and your machine should handle it. Any slowdown will definitely affect your productivity. I hope you won’t be pissed off in creating designs on a low spec’d computer.

5. Market Yourself

Need I say less? You need to market yourself. You need to learn that because it it doesn’t matter of you are the greatest designer on the planet, if no one knows you and your works then it’s useless. There are several freelancing websites that you can go into and sell your services for a price. Also, you can go to fiverr and do some small jobs for 5 dollars.


There are plenty more of tips and guides on how to shift on the world of freelancing. We will be writing more in the future!